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Quality management

Our quality management system is the base of our ambition. ISO 9001 Version 2008 allows us to constantly improve our functioning process and also the quality of the services we provide to our customers.


The industrial environment of molds’ production for Thermoplastics Industry, as well as globalization, made our business more and more competitive. We need to turn ourselves toward business sectors with high excellence demandings.



icon_qualityHigh quality services and satisfaction

We do everything to make our customers satisfied and offer them quality in services and products that are issued of a reactivity, innovation and customer-friendly culture. Our wish for constant improvement allows us to identify and correct our dysfunctions to make our customers take advantage of the progress we make.




By mobilizing ourselves, we will target every clue to constant improvements in order to raise the quality level of our products through a more enhanced rigor, to increase productivity through the optimization of our tools and production flow, to decrease non-quality, to optimize our human ressources and to develop our commercial strategy.



icon_qualityPursuing our development

Our targets are « high volume » markets, which make the best output of our industrial equipment possible : medical devices, food packaging, personal care and cosmetics packagings, connectors but also watchmaking. Giving responsibilities to each individual in the company means constructing our own progress and giving our orientation.