Looking for excellence to enhance your products?

SMP meets the highest quality and performance requirements in the manufacturing of your high precision moulds.

A management system is the engine driving our ambition

We rely on the ISO 9001 standard to permanently improve our operating processes but also offer irreproachable quality service to our clients.

The industrial environment of mould manufacturing for the thermoplastics industry as well as globalization have made our activity increasingly competitive.

We orient ourselves around lines of business that have a need for excellence.

Mechanical mould manufacturer for thermoplastic injection, SMP meets the highest quality requirements for the manufacturing of your high precision moulds, your multi-cavity moulds or your moulds for specific materials.

Quality services and customer satisfactionObjectivesLean Management

A management system that drives our ambition

Quality services and customer satisfaction

We make every effort to satisfy you and provide with impeccable quality of service and high-performance products.

Our determination for continuous improvement allows us to swiftly identify and correct dysfunctions.

You have thus been able to take advantage of technical progress made in spirit of responsiveness, innovation and conviviality.


We have been exploring every possible avenue for continuous improvement:

  • Increase quality standard of our products by a greater care,
  • Increase productivity via optimization of our tools and production workflow,
  • Optimize our human resources and develop our business strategy

Lean Management

The implementation of the LEAN MANAGEMENT with a person in charge of quality allows to reduce the costs of non-compliance and to find solutions for procedure simplification and higher productivity.

Empowering everyone in the company is to build our progress!

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