SMP participates in the Women in Engineering Sciences action

Women and Engineering sciences

Women and Engineering sciences

Gender equality, it is important to talk about it, but it is especially essential to act and try to change mentalities.

Vocational school Paul Emile Victor in Champagnole organized on November 29, an action entitled " Women and Engineering sciences ".

A one-day program that aims to:

  • To sensitize young schoolgirls and secondary-level female students to scientific and technological careers;

  • To inform them about the variety of trades and training programs leading to engineering jobs…;

  • To cultivate vocations for future-oriented trades in the industry

  • To give them ambition in their professional career

  • And especially to promote gender-balanced workforce end equality between males and females

Two of our employees from SMP went to Champagnole in order to talk about their background, professional and life experience. s.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Lao Tseu

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